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Madea's Family Reunion Play Torrent [April-2022]




Madea has a list of instructions for her neighbor Leroy: Stay in your trailer and shut the door Take your meds Don't kill any damn roaches Don't trip over the television wires Don't trip over your own fiddle-legs Don't fall down the stairs Don't trip over the sofa Don't kick the cat Don't pull the toilet paper off the roll Don't feed the dog Don't rip my curtain down Don't slam the door Don't wet my floor Don't make a mess in my kitchen Don't make a mess in my bathroom Don't piss in my yard Don't steal my tools Don't throw my sheets in the laundry Don't smoke in my kitchen Don't let my door hit your car Don't let my house catch on fire Don't pee on the roof Don't fart in my house In the meantime, Lisa's brother, Jesse, has put his horse, Shadow, in the barn and he is attending the wedding. Later, Madea is informed that the rodeo is in the barn and she must attend. During her get-ready for the rodeo, she is being warned by Leroy Brown. She thinks he is crazy and ignores him. Unfortunately, he calls the rodeo and Jesse has to leave. Jesse calls her after he has returned from the rodeo, and she then decides that she will go to the rodeo. She boards the bus to go to the rodeo, and she tells her daughter Veda, "I got to ride in a horse trailer!" She goes to the rodeo, and when she arrives, she is greeted by Misty, the rodeo clown. Cast Whoopi Goldberg as Madea Jerry O'Connell as Jesse Rosemarie H. Jones as Veda Pam Grier as Mrs. Jackson Robert Townsend as Leroy Brown Jim Varney as Buford Loretta Devine as Tammie Jeffrey Tambor as Jules Michael Horse as Shadow Cameos Sheree North as herself Will Smith as Buford's son Judy Turner as herself Allusions to other movies Leroy calls Jules' vehicle a "pickup truck," the same name as the truck in the movie Friday. The movie has a number of other movie references, including: Veda refers to



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Madea's Family Reunion Play Torrent [April-2022]

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