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sake, they say, he was an Athenian, and therefore I was an Athenian. I was too young to know anything about Athens or the people of Athens except what I heard from my father. I was a child when my mother died. What a terrible time! I am ashamed to speak of it. And then I was at the Palace of Pyrrhias, waiting for the opportunity to come to avenge my father's murder. The hand of fate is strange. In those days, my mother's death touched off the war between us and Rome. When I was eight years old, and my father was twelve, the Battle of Chaeronea decided the war. I was with the Athenians and my father was with us. When the news came that the Romans had won the battle, we made a feast, and ate the remains of my mother, which the Romans had also killed. When my father came home and found us eating her, he was so angry that he killed us all, except me. "So that nothing shall ever again be heard of this cruel deed of mine," he said. He told the servants to feed me. I was his daughter. I was fed by servants. I never saw my father or my family again. When I was thirteen, I was sent to the Palace of Alkibiades. I was to be his mistress. A fine young man! If I had not been his mistress, he would have been my friend. He did not want his country to go to war with Rome. But the Senate chose to make war. This young man, Alkibiades, was once a prisoner of war, taken to Rome as a slave, but rescued by the Athenian Senate. He was about to be sacrificed to the goddess of Justice, when a brave man in a stranger's armor came up and claimed him as his son. Alkibiades was saved. He was brought up at the great Palace of Alkibiades. He was my lover, my friend, and my master, and I adored him. He used to call me his brother. He thought of me as his son. My father was a foreigner. He was a slave. I was a foreigner. I was a slave. And I was just as poor as my father. But Alkibiades loved me. He would have protected me. He would have paid for my education, if he had had the money. He loved me. He would not have killed me.



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Kill List Frederick Forsyth Epub Download

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